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Linyi County, Linyi City, Shandong Province

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Company Profile

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  Linyi Liuxiang Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 with a registered capital of 2 million RMB and 100 employees. With an annual output of 800,000 baskets and willow products. In 2018, the sales amount was 22 million, the profit and tax was 1.1 million, and the foreign exchange earned 2.8 million US dollars. It is estimated that the sales amount will be 34 million in 2019, the profit and tax will be 2 million, and the foreign exchange will be 4 million US dollars.
  The company is mainly engaged in the production and processing export business of wicker, iron and Liu crafts. The materials are derived from the willows produced by the people. The annual use of wicker is 1,100 tons. The raw materials are also discarded by the people. Etc., the company advocates green ecological environment and sustainable development, implements secondary utilization, turns waste into treasure, and uses 900 tons of grape branches, cotton roots, cottonwood, mulberry roots and willow roots for one year.
  The company implements decentralized processing, family workshops, “enterprise + farmer households”, etc., to provide households with raw materials and tools, entrusting them with processed products, and responsible for recycling sales, so that the poor family labor force, especially unable to go out to work, to achieve flexible employment at home. Directly promote the employment of nearly 600 people in various villages, and promote the local employment of villagers.
  The company regularly participates in the Canton Fair, the China Fair, and the Frankfurt exhibition in Germany every year. The company has strong innovation capabilities. It has designed and developed tens of thousands of natural environmental protection products, which are in line with the environmental protection culture concepts of Western European countries. The products are deeply loved by Europe, America and Australia. The market prospects are considerable.
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